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You care deeply about everything and everyone.

You haven’t stopped for a moment, how could you there is so much to do, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, shopping, cleaning, cooking and then there’s the garden… Maybe you have young people needing attention and elders needing care, or your help is needed in your community.

… and you can’t stop.

Of course you can’t, the more pressure you feel the more you care.

Even though you may have chronic shoulder and neck tension, are developing symptoms of IBS, feel tired even after a nights sleep, suffer awful PMS and get every bug that’s going round, you can’t stop.

You long to dance in the moonlight, sink into that book you want to write, the art class you promised yourself in the new year, plant a wild flower garden in the back yard and make sand castles by the sea.

But you keep giving, keep caring, keep doing.

Why? Because Oxytocin is in the driving seat.

Did you know that research has found that women respond to stress by releasing Oxytocin, which promotes care giving behavior and underlies attachment between mothers and their infants? They found that mothers tend to be more nurturing and caring toward their children when they are most stressed. More pressure, more giving.

That’s right women are hard wired by Oxytocin to keep giving.

All the research on stress until recently didn’t separate the genders and an assumption was made that men and women both had the classic ‘fight or flight’ physical response when faced with life challenges.

As a result of research conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles, psychologist Shelley Taylor, PhD, along with five colleagues, developed a new model they called “tend-and-befriend”. The study showed that when stressed, women prefer being with others, especially other females, while males don’t. Indeed, women are much more likely than men to seek out and use social support in all types of stressful situations, including over health-related concerns, relationship problems and work-related conflicts.

So true, isn’t it?! What do we do when we are having a bad day? We phone a girlfriend or pop onto Facebook and off load. But chronic stress and busyness takes it’s toll and whilst phoning a friend helps it doesn’t answer your body’s call for care or your spirit’s cry for sanctuary.

Time to stop doing and start being.

Imagine you had space to breathe, to let go of worry and just be in quiet flow. A space where you are gently helped to relax and have space to clear your head so you can have access to clarity, perspective and strength to meet the world.

You can create this space for yourself with support from me.

Here in The Heart Sanctuary I offer:

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