Do you long for a Sacred Space that nourishes, inspires and strengthens your Being?

Kick off your shoes, feel the pulse of life beneath your feet as you step into the circle. Sink your body down into the comfort of your blanket and sigh deeply… you are home.


 Welcome to Women’s Temple!

Here, together we create a sanctuary to explore feminine awakening through meditation, creative enquiry, respectful and nourishing touch, free movement and dance. We connect deeply with our experience in each moment, feeling and expressing through our bodies.

As a woman, seeking for many years, I have longed for a spiritual path that speaks to my experience of living in a womans body. In our culture we have many models of awakening in a man’s body yet, for many reasons, the ancient teachings of awakened women have been lost or forgotten. But for some years now there has been a quickening, an uprising and re-membering of this ancient feminine calling with woman teachers stepping forward to create a new, yet deeply rooted, womens circle.

This contemporary model of a conscious women’s culture of celebration and empowerment through Women’s Temple Groups is the inspiration of Chameli Ardagh, founder of Awakening Women’s Institute.  This summer I attended her Temple Leadership Training, which has inspired me to start a group here in Devon.

What happens in Women’s Temple?

We honor and treat our temple as sacred. We enter it with reverence and with the intention to be as true as we can. All superficial chit-chatting we leave outside. In our temple, we explore how it is to speak from a deeper place within, and most importantly, we explore how to communicate without speaking at all.

All our practice is based upon being present in the body, so we spend time connecting and dropping into our bodies with meditation, free dance and moving. We also support each other in softening our bodies by touching each other in respectful and nourishing ways. This may include gentle foot, shoulder, or head massages.

We explore our feelings, insights, dreams and visions through verbal and non verbal practices that include journaling and art making.

We celebrate, listen to stories and create ritual.

What is the purpose of Women’s Temple?

In Women’s Temple we explore creating an empowering sisterhood as women in mindfulness, without competing and comparing. We explore what and how we can we keep our hearts open and be with strong feelings, yet the Women’s Temple is not a therapy or a support group. It is a space where we come to nourish our selves and each other, mirror, celebrate and empower each other. We practice to be present with feelings but we don’t analyze why we feel what we feel.

Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, the Women’s Temple group practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self images. From this deeper place, we can navigate from Presence and inner guidance instead of exhausting ourselves in trying to navigate our lives from a tense, competitive and ego-centered state of mind.

We want to create a space for our own inner experiences, a space where each of us are allowed to give and receive while learning from the circle. The Circle is our teacher.

I sincerely hope you to welcome you at the Temple door

With reverence,


Next Temple Group

After a very successful opening of our Temple Group in Ashburton, Devon for monthly meetings from September 2014 to February 2015 a core group is discussing how we wish to continue and open to new women. Please sign up to my mailing list if you would like to know when we will open again.

In the meantime I am planning a series of day retreats for women to explore and deepen their experience of awakening to their feminine presense and creativity. So again please sign up to my mailing list if you would like to be first to hear about these and benefit from early bird offers.