Spring Awakening: fan your creative spark


Spring Awakening

I heard an owl cry

In the distance,

As the snowdrops nod

To the howling moon,

Wake up!

Fan that spark!

For under winters’ blanket

Spring is blushing

In the dark.


Spring, my favourite season. Everywhere here in Devon there are signs of new life, it’s lighter in the mornings and I feel my creative energy returning.

In India they have just celebrated the arrival of Spring with the festival of Holi when this creative life energy is expressed with the throwing of vibrant coloured powders and coloured water. A time for new beginings and letting go of any conflicts of the past as family and friends gather to let go their inhibitions and have fun. I remember the joy of having the freedom to get messy and seeing adults joining in the play!


As I said my creative energy is returning. I find that as I become more in tune with my natural rhythms, my moon cycle and the rhythms of the earth I experience a natural spiral of turning inward and outward, an ebb and flow of energy. As winter approaches I feel pulled to hibernate and I am learning to trust this and go with the flow rather than try to ‘push’ through. Basically my body will no longer let me.

As it was this winter when I wasn’t listening to that inner pull and tried to push through my first online course offering. My body went into melt down and forced me to stop, cancel the course and take a break. And so the past two months I have been resting deeply in my inner landscape, allowing myself to play quietly with my return to painting (allowing myself to get my hands in the paint :)) and creating in clay without any agenda to share it with the world.


And so as the sun gets warmer and the buds of new life are appearing everywhere I am starting to feel the spark of ideas for new creative projects and retreat offerings. Yet rather than get caught up in forward planning and needing to fix the details, now I am learning to let go be more trusting in the flow of my creative energy and how, like Summer follows Spring , the most fruitful ideas with catch light and manifest when the time is ripe.

So how are you experiencing the ebb and flow of your creative energy right now, what’s sparking into life and what are you letting go of? How does your body respond to the changing seasons? Please share your experience in the comments box below.

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