Raining Cats and Dogs (really?)

The sound of the rumbling wind blasts around my chimneybreast creating the background track for the trees frantic dance. Leaves fly furiously of the shivering branches as the local bus goes by and I wonder who might be venturing out in this storm. Certainly not me, having decided not to go to yoga this morning, after procrastinating for all of two seconds as the sky emptied a bucketful outside my front door.

Frodo, my cat, is curled up on the folded futon chair in my studio, snoring softly, having also taken one look outside and made the sensible, though not uncommon, decision to stay in. Never understood the saying ‘its raining cats and dogs’ as there isn’t a cat or dog to be seen in this soggy landscape.

Outside my window the grey light is making a neighbours red telephone box ping. It sit’s proudly on their driveway filled with curios that match a garden full of cheeky gnomes and cupids flirting with equally saucy flowers in the summer.

Having decided not to go to yoga I thought best to do a few stretches to ease the guilt. As I lay on the carpet in a shoulder releasing twist my eyes captured the droplets on the window glass sparkling like fairy lights. It’s that time of year again, I ponder, when consumerism lights up the high street reminding me of my aloneness. Though I am happy in my little bubble if don’t dwell on it.

I feel a guilty pleasure in staying home on a rainy day. It conjures up childhood days home from school due to the monsoon floods. A whole day to indulge in playing, reading, drawing, or making up plays with my pals. Today adding to the storm my website is down so I can’t fiddle with that as planned which leaves me free to play, read, draw or join my pals in bloggingsphere (though I can’t post this immediately, duh)!

Ah the rain’s stopped and there’s a moment of calm… time to put the kettle on me thinks.

So what’s brewing where you are? What guilty pleasure are you indulging in today? Love to know…


  • Beth Grant

    Reply Reply November 23, 2014

    Oh, I LOVE rain. I live for thunderstorms! The louder the better. Your post brought such a feeling of what a rainy day is like … the coziness and the change of plans that it causes. It keeps us from getting too rigid. I think. :-)

  • Kāmini

    Reply Reply November 24, 2014

    Ah Beth, a fellow wild weather enthusiast! :-)

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