A walk on the wild side



I stood for a moment to be with the lonely, wind swept, pines kept company by a forgotten dry stonewall.  Resting my soul in the stillness I sink gently into the soft carpet of grass beneath the rubber soles of my boots.




Something shifts in the silence and my heart is ignited by a spark of longing; a remembering of a feral past. Brushing aside the foolishness of it I reluctantly turn back.




Yet as I walk to the car the Wild One keeps nudging me until I throw caution to the wind, make bare my feet and let the cool, moist, verdant earth drench my thirsty spirit.




Driving home feet tingling, heart glowing, I feel myself again.


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  • Penny

    Reply Reply November 24, 2014

    Bare feet really connect us to the earth X

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