Are you ready to let go of the struggle?


Your life feels empty, often stressful and relentless. Maybe you feel trapped in work you don’t feel aligned with, or relationships that drain rather than feed you? Maybe you are recovering from a major loss and feel vulnerable and disoriented. This could be the loss of your health due to illness, the loss of a loved one, a cherished job or home, or breakdown in a relationship.

Your body and soul are out of balance

You feel overwhelmed, shackled by self-doubt, which leaves you feeling low in energy and mood. You aren’t eating properly, not getting enough exercise or fresh air and your health is suffering.

You’ve lost connection with your knowingness, that trust in the universe, which is causing you to fall back into old patterns, feel joyless, lose hope and puts you into struggle mode.

You worry a LOT

You worry about not doing enough, being enough, not having enough time, not enough focus, not enough money…not enough this, not enough that, just not enough…. and now you’ve had enough!

There is light in the darkness

Dear Brave Soul come, take a deep breath.

Rest for a moment and let’s acknowledge that you are a courageous, resourceful and creative being (Yes, even if you don’t feel like it right now- just being human qualifies you).

Yes it’s really hard when anxiety saps your energy and you feel stuck in a spiral of negative thinking to lift your spirits and see the light.

Your Soul has a mysterious magical plan

Let me reassure you with what I know to be true; your Soul has a mysterious and magical plan and where you are right now is just where you need to be.

For what I have discovered, along my healing journey, is that it’s through your struggles that you learn your strengths. It’s the darkness that allows you to find your light and in adversity you will uncover your most sacred gifts.

You are ready to transform your life

Being here in this moment reading this is a true sign that you deeply feel your hearts’ longing for change.

Yes, It’s time to reclaim your centre and discover an inner state of grace and ease, gratitude and joy, to embrace whatever life brings you. Time to explore every challenge as an opportunity to be creative and grow.

You are ready to dive deep to reveal the secret healing wisdom of your soul. Ready to transform your being, bring your body and soul back into alignment, and create the life you were born to live.

HeartLightBrightWelcome to Heart of Calm

Hello, I’m Kāmini an intuitive artist, creative mindfulness teacher, holistic therapist and founder of Heart of calm. I want you to have access to your most precious resource of inner calm and wisdom. You can read more about me here.

Imagine you had space to breathe, to let go of worry and just be in quiet flow. A space where you are gently helped to relax and have space to clear your head so you can have access to clarity, perspective and strength to meet the world. A creative space that connects you with a deep alignment within, allowing you to express freely and tap into the healing wisdom of your Soul.

Whatever your situation, whatever your longing, you need to know that you have within you all the creative resources and deep intuitive wisdom to guide you toward inner peace and happiness.

Here you will find inspiration, guidance,  support and sanctuary so you can recover and restore your sense of calm, well being, and balance and feel like you can create a life that has renewed purpose, direction and passion.

What I offer:

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